Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

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Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

It is very concerning when you find out that there is something wrong in your mouth. It is difficult for one to examine one’s own mouth. Sometimes, it also becomes difficult to decide whether to opt for a dentist for the emergency or just take care of it by yourself. Some symptoms can be treated at home but in some cases, visiting the dentist is the best option.

Some of the common dental emergencies are:

  • Falling down and injuring your mouth or teeth: Adult teeth erupt from the age of 6 yrs.. If you fall or have an accident, your tooth or teeth may become loose or fracture. In such cases, calling your dentist is the best thing. It is important to give the dentist a history of exactly what happened and what you are feeling.  Boardwalk Dental Surgery is very well versed with treating loose and fractured teeth.


  • Knocked out tooth: In case your tooth gets knocked out, do not try to touch it by the roots. Try to pick up the tooth by the crown and gently rinse with water. Put the tooth in a glass of milk and take it with you to the dentist. And, if milk is not available, try to place the back in the tooth socket. Calling your dentist immediately is very important. Knocked out tooth needs to be positioned back in position as soon as possible.


  • Broken teeth: Broken teeth are the most common dental emergency. Treatment depends on how much tooth structure is lost and how deep the fracture is. If it is only a slight chip then there’s nothing too serious. In case it is a large break and if you feel any pain then going for the dentist is the best option. Boardwalk Dental in Point Cook is happy to assist with fractured and broken teeth


  • Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is a very common thing. People who suffer from tooth sensitivity cannot have cold or hot food and drink without discomfort. It does not fall under emergency condition but getting it examined by the dentist may help in recovery. You can contact your family dentist in Point Cook.

Why choose us?

We, at Boardwalk Dental, have highly qualified dentists and they are very experienced in using the latest technology to treat various tooth related problems. We offer cutting-edge dental services in Point Cook. Dentists provide every patient with proper attention along with excellent dental services. Taking care of our patients is our prime motto.

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