How Baby Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

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How Baby Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

How Baby Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

One of the most intriguing facts about baby teeth is that they start growing in the baby’s jaw during pregnancy. Though they are not visible in the child’s mouth at birth , these set of primary teeth are present in the bone.

Once the baby teeth start to erupt, they stimulate  proper development of the jaw and oral cavity.

As a new parent, you can’t help but wonder when your baby’s teeth( also known as deciduous teeth ) will erupt and shed. Keeping tabs on your child’s dental health is imperative and should always be accompanied by regular visits to a pediatric dentist.

Boardwalk Dental Surgery,  the top Point Cook dental clinic, offers preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative services just to name a few. However, in light of the importance of taking care of a baby’s teeth, we’ve incorporated a kids dental clinic. Be sure to book an appointment with our friendly dentist for kids.

That said, when should you expect your child’s teeth to erupt and shed?

When and How A Child’s Teeth Should Erupt and Fall

Notably, eruption always varies from child to child. Some children tend to have their teeth erupting earlier than usual, while others later than usual. There are some, however, that have their teeth erupt at the expected time. Girls often experience teeth eruption earlier and sooner than boys.

Regardless of when the baby teeth erupt, the important thing is that they actually do.

Normally, the primary teeth tend to erupt when the baby is around six months of age. The first set of teeth to erupt is usually the incisors at the bottom of the jaw. The incisors often erupt to fill in the front center section of the jaw. Next, the first molars follow before the canines and the second molars.

The teeth should continue to erupt until the child turns three years old. The normal number of baby teeth is twenty, as opposed to the number of permanent teeth, which are usually 32 in number. Once they’ve all erupted, be sure to have your child have their first dental visit.

After the age of six, the baby teeth should start shedding. When the baby teeth start shedding, their roots often dissolve so as to make the shedding process easier. The permanent teeth will grow in as the primary or baby teeth shed.

Permanent teeth should continue coming in from age 6 to 12 years. With wisdom teeth erupting till  their early twenty’s. Eruption starts with the central and lateral incisors. The cuspids and second molars should be the last to come in.  Permanent teeth can vary between 28 and 32 teeth.

If you live in Point Cook, then why not look for a dentist Point Cook for easier access? Be sure to visit our Point Cook dental offices as soon as the primary teeth start coming in so we can help ensure proper eruption and dental health.

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