Is Dental Fear Real?

Is Dental Fear Real?

The fear which stops you from visiting a dentist for your dental treatment is called Dental Fear or Dental Phobia. Dental fears can be to different degrees. Some patients avoid going to a dentist unless there are serious issues with their teeth. They will only go for treatment if they have a really bad toothache. This can be termed as Dental Anxiety.

On the other hand, there is a category of people who are traumatized by the thought of going to a dentist. Even if they have a very serious problem with their teeth, they will avoid an appointment. There could be many reasons for this – most commonly a previous bad experience at the dentist. As a result, they have a lot of problems with their teeth.

This is Dental Fear or Phobia, and it can be  difficult to overcome.

The main reason for dental fear may be previous bad experience or fear of the unknown  during treatment. The dentist can help you with  reassurance and the use of anesthetics during  your treatment so that you don’t  feel pain.

Signs of dental fear

These are the following signs of dental phobia,

  • Anxiety as you wait for your appointment in the waiting room
  • Clenching of teeth and intense fear as you enter the dental surgery.
  • Severe fear while the dentist is actually examining the mouth.


Different types of dental fears

There are different reasons for dental fear.

  • Fear of pain – You don’t want to experience the pain.
  • Fear of embarrassment – You are afraid of feeling embarrassed when they talk about your dental problems.
  • Fear of past experiences – Bad experiences from previous dental visits haunt some patients.
  • Fear of losing control – You feel that you are unable to control the problem.
  • Fear of dental equipment – You are scared of needles, drills and other dental equipment.

Once you understand the type of fear you are facing, you may be able to overcome dental fear with a little effort.


How to fight against the problem of Dental Fear?

Identifying the cause of your fear and speaking to your dentist about it is the best way to overcome the dental phobia.

A visit to our  Dental surgery in  Point Cook can help overcome the problem of Dental Phobia. Our highly qualified, empathetic dentists will help you to find the root cause of your fear and will help you overcome it so that the visit to the dentist becomes a pleasant experience.

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