A recent study has come up with an interesting conclusion. It states that the people who have poor oral health or are suffering from gum disease, have more chances of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease compared to those who maintain good oral health.

The study was conducted in University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in the UK, by collecting 10 brain samples of the patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and comparing them with the brain samples of those patients who had no disease.

It was observed that a particular bacteria called Porphyromonas gingivalis was found in the brains which suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. The interesting observation, on the basis of which the above-mentioned conclusion was drawn, was that the same bacterium is also connected to a chronic gum disease.

The bacteria which is usually found in the oral cavities may enter into the bloodstream during daily oral activities like chewing, brushing, etc. is what the researched say. And once it enters the brain, it can attack the immune system damaging the neurons.



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Other Studies of Similar Nature

There are many other research studies which highlight the link between poor oral health and Alzheimer’s disease. A survey based on Swedish Twin Registry also concluded with a similar observation.

The research team concluded that an inflammatory burden at an early age, represented by chronic periodontal disease, can have serious complications leading to Alzheimer’s disease at old age. The survey was based on the details of the individuals taken from the Registry and various hospitals reports. The researchers focused only on the dental problems of the individuals.

Another research from New York University in the year 2010 also revealed that gum disease increases the risk of poor cognitive function. A study conducted based on the data from National Health Insurance Program of Taiwan, also came up with a conclusion that “Gum disease sufferers 70% more likely to get dementia”

Though the reports don’t say anything conclusively you cannot neglect the fact that poor oral health is harmful. And, it is your major priority to take care of your teeth.


Maintaining oral health

The results of these various studies may worry you. Don’t panic! Here are some tips for you to follow so that you can have healthy teeth and gums.

  • Follow the ritual of brushing twice a day.
  • Flossing is another good habit which removes the food which is stuck in between your teeth.
  • Most people visit the dentist only if they have any problems with gums or teeth. Sometimes serious problems don’t have any symptoms. Hence make a practice to visit a dentist every six months’ even if you don’t have any problems.
  • Avoid using toothpicks. They can be damaging to your gums.
  • Avoid snacking after brushing your teeth. If you have snacks, then you will need to brush again before sleeping. If you go to bed without brushing your teeth, it increases chances of tooth decay and gum problems.
  • Include calcium in your diet. Consumption of Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese and all other dairy products will boost the calcium levels in your body. Brocolli and Orange juice are also rich in calcium. Most importantly, having a healthy diet which includes, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, copper, zinc, iodine, iron and potassium helps to protect your gums and teeth.
  • Use a tongue cleaner to clean your tongue daily. The bacteria living on the surface of your tongue can contribute to bad oral health.
  • Don’t Smoke and stay away for tobacco.

It’s not difficult to follow the above-mentioned tips regularly. But if you neglect them, you may face serious problems in the long run.

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Take care of your teeth. Keep smiling!

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