What Is an Onlay?

What Is an Onlay?

Understanding Dental Advancements: What Is an Onlay?

A regular visit to the dentist is an absolute must for a completely healthy life. Most of us  remember to visit a dentist only after there is a real problem or we are in immense pain. Regular dental visits ensure that these problems never arise! However, certain dental issues can occur even with a good oral hygiene and checkups.

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Today, the field of medicine and dentistry is far more advanced and improved, as compared to just a decade ago . Better equipment, precision tools, advances in techniques, and before and after care procedures have made dental treatments and surgeries extremely painless and with  very goodresult. From implants to crowns, inlays to onlays- today there are many new procedures and techniques offering patients the best of treatments and solutions. With so many new inclusions in the world of dentistry, also comes a world of confusion!

Boardwalk Dental, a reputed Point Cook dental clinic, aims at not just offering services and treatments but also empower its patients with a complete understanding of the procedures and techniques involved. Many patients have often been confused and unsure about suggested treatments and thus we want to help you get a better understanding. A question often asked is, ‘What is an Onlay?’ Through this write-up, we will explain what an onlay is, how it works and how it is different from other procedures and techniques that may seem similar.

Defining Onlay

In simple terms, an Onlay is a process of restoration that is made outside the mouth that is used to replace a cusp, or multiple cusps, of a tooth. Porcelain or metal are used to create these restoratives that are then bonded in the required place. It is different to a full crown as the main aim here is saving the original tooth structure. Advanced machinery, in laboratories, are used to create the restorative mould.

What is an Onlay used for?

An onlay is used to increase the life of a tooth, or teeth, that have suffered mild to moderate decay or have cracked or fractured. A cracked or fractured tooth differs in intensity and when the damage is not too severe, instead of a complete crown, an onlay procedure is preferred. This helps restore the original tooth structure, ensure that no further damage takes place and is a faster more effective treatment for mild to moderate damages.

Thus, when the damage is severe as in the tooth has lost its strength, but the remaining part of the healthy tooth supports the natural structure, an Onlay treatment is preferred over other treatments.

Benefits of an Onlay treatment:
  • It is a minimal procedure, as compared to full crowns, as only the damaged part is restored.
  • It maintains the original tooth structure.
  • Onlays are very durable as the materials used are tough and resistant to wear and tear. An onlay can last up to thirty years!
  • An Onlay can restore the strength of the tooth, unlike conventional fillings that actually weaken the tooth over time. An Onlay can improve tooth strength by up to 75%.
  • Onlays not just curb the current problem but also prolong the health and life of the tooth, thus reducing the need for more treatments.

Over the years Boardwalk  Dental has earned the reputation of being a reliable and quality Point Cook dental clinic. With experienced practitioners and all the advanced equipment, we are the go-to dental clinic for people around us. Whether you are looking for dental implants Point Cook or a regular dentist Point Cook– we are here for all your needs!

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