Why do we have wisdom teeth?

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Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are basically the third molars that appear in humans between the ages of 18-23yrs. These appear in  the areas of the mouth where the flossing and brushing is hard. Ultimately, these  may end up decaying and often  have to be removed  . However, few of us are lucky enough to have properly aligned wisdom teeth that never give any problems.

For those who have a problem, Boardwalk Dental clinic, in Point Cook ,  is always available to help. Historically our ancestors needed the big jaws and full complement of teeth to chew all that fibrous food and so needed those third molars or wisdom teeth .Their large  jaws were perfect to align all the three molars perfectly without any problems.

However today our diet is less fibrous and softer, so through evolution our jaw size has decreased .There is now less room to for those wisdom teeth, leading to all sorts of problems. Wisdom tooth problem occurs very commonly nowadays. If you have a problem , feel free to  consult with your dentist in Point Cook and get the appropriate treatment done.


Get smart with your Wisdom Teeth:

  • Extracting  the wisdom teeth  is not always necessary.

  • It’s better to have a consultation with your dentist at Boardwalk Dental Surgery in Point Cook and get your teeth thoroughly checked and decide on what can be done with your wisdom teeth.

  • To have healthy and strong gums, it’s very important to follow maintenance steps  suggested by the dentist.

  • Regular dental appointments and a good oral hygiene are always beneficial to avoid dental problems .

  • There are times where you would need to get your wisdom teeth removed in spite of the above precautions taken. Your dentist will advise you of this .

  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth is common practice nowadays worldwide;  so don’t stress too much if this is warranted.

The panel of dentists at Boardwalk Dental Surgery  in Point Cook is very efficient and would help to get the best oral care and maintain the beautiful smile on your face.

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