Uncategorized / 07.09.2018

The fear which stops you from visiting a dentist for your dental treatment is called Dental Fear or Dental Phobia. Dental fears can be to different degrees. Some patients avoid going to a dentist unless there are serious issues with their teeth....

Teeth / 22.05.2018

WHAT HAPPENS AT DENTAL CHECKUPS A dental checkup is as significant as any other checkup with your physician because overall health starts with oral hygiene. You may be brushing and flossing regularly at home, however, you still need a professional dental checkup. This is because some...

Teeth / 04.05.2018

A regular visit to the dentist is an absolute must for a completely healthy life. Most of us remember to visit a dentist only after there is a real problem or we are in immense pain. Regular dental visits ensure that these problems never...

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From December 1st, Boardwalk Dental Surgery will be relocating to 1 Eagles Nest Way, Point Cook which is 50m away from our current location.